King of Hearts

by Bent Ascent

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This is an Indie Rock production created entirely by Adam Newdow a.k.a. IndiAdamJones. Cyndi Harvell, Brian Bronkar Lee, and Owen Findley are guest musicians. Bonus Vocals, by Vannesa Kanuf and Brad.


released January 7, 2004



all rights reserved


Bent Ascent Cincinnati, Ohio

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Track Name: Japanica
[flight recording of the Challenger accident]
Track Name: King of Hearts
Welcome to my introduction, The King of Hearts is near, So wipe away your tears, And belt out in your anger, The King of Hearts don?t need a sword to take you down, You know the King of Hearts don?t need a sword to cut you down, This rusty stringed guitar is all the arms I?ll need, So fill my hand up with a mug, within a drink, Did you feel my hand there by your side what did you think? Maybe him, maybe he could set me free, Baby him, he could be the thief.
Track Name: Cari
I?ve got a perfect visual of you?re symmetry, Just one glimpse is all I need to carry, You on in memory until the next time that we meet, Holden on until the next time that we meet, The more I see, the less I disagree, That you are turning me on, I am staring at you image in my mind, I am wondering all the time if, You?re thinking of me, Holding on until the next time that we meet, So, carry me on, In you?re arms tonight, If the feelings right, You don?t have to say a word, And I won?t wonder if you?ll miss me, I can?t keep holding on until the next time that we meet.
Track Name: Disappearing Loved One
What?s left to say, spins ?round my head, Are you dead, or are you in bed, I?m nauseous from the answer to these, Questions that linger 12 hours and tease, No way to avoid the coming disaster, I wait and I pray that you?re in with that bastard, For if you were lost and hurt in the night, I could never endure with all of my might, Ultimate sadness for years maybe more, Hoping you safely return through the door, I shudder to think you lie broken and torn, By some act of nature I couldn?t have known, Yet, if all my fears end, and you safely return, Details of your evening, I?m eager to learn, In the melee, I?m still as the mountain, Deciphering code, revealing what?s happened, Your terrorist act has hit on the mark, For I?m filled with fear, as this night is dark, And if you return, I?ll welcome relief, While filling with rage to injure the thief, Who sits on the ledge, silent, obscure, Stealing your fancy with charm as the lure, Creating prose to entangle my mind, Forgetting the sorrow that shackles and binds.
Track Name: Emptygrasp
My heart is upside down like a bird underground, My legs will hardly carry me though I have to leave you, I still cannot believe that you are gone, I didn?t even get to say goodbye my love. We always did have a lot of differences, Anyway now you?re gone anyhow, I hang around until I pass out. I walk around, Alone in town, Across the way, I can see his arms around you , As he tells you how you?re looking pretty good, I can feel the emptiness closing its grasp.
Track Name: Sunmoon Acoustic
Girl I think I know what you?re doing, You asked me to stay now I?m thinking through it, Nothing yet, no restraints, and no complaints, To get ourselves into, I want you to know that I feel awful, And I?m sorry baby, For the mess, I must confess that I put us through, To see our love is true. Any other way is all I need. Little girl swimming faster than the rest, Cloaked in signals from the others in distress, Turing around my gears are grinding to a halt, Half immersed in pleasure well is that your fault, I?ll get it anyway, I?m the darkest when the moon comes, It makes me low, I don?t know where I stand anymore, I wanted to stay and ease your pain, So sorry I have to go, I had something to tell you that you wanted to know, When the sun commands for all of us to go, Illuminate your eye, so that I, so high.
Track Name: Titanica
Titanic Have you ever known anyone to sneeze in the sunshine, They gave you bones and needles, Well I was listening from behind two closed doors, Like polishing brass on the titanic, The outer shell is cracked, oh well, Ice berg has landed. It?s the red dye that?s red all the way through ya. It?s the good time before it?s gone, Girl I wish I knew ya. Life boat is Gone.
Track Name: Softwarecyde
I don?t anymore, Right or wrong, I don?t belong, The map is not the territory, What you own, owns you, My guitar, well it owns me too, But we can all burn it down together, As we go around forever. I?m going to erase it all, See your software side, Erase it all. Rising higher until demise, In her only way, in his only way, Tunnel reality on top of my mastermind, Why do you wine when you?re doing fine, In his only way, in her only, The nation, hallucination.
Track Name: Adieu
Girl you are so fucked up in the head, When you want my attention, throw some furniture, How you gonna come try to convince me, To listen to your sad eyes say, I?m the crazy one instead? Boy you are so fucked up in the head, When you need my attention, cast an angry stare, How you gonna ask me to forgive you, When you said your love was lies, And you left me on my knees to cry? How you gonna go and do me like that, Wasn?t I worth a simple goodbye in the eye? How you gonna go and treat me like this, Wasn?t I worth your goodbye tongue kiss, At the time?
Track Name: At the Bar
Isn?t it pathetic, That I think I could write a song to find you? It?s so upsetting I think I?ll call it the blues, And time doesn?t heal all wounds, Pssst, aren?t you forgetting, Something deep inside, Don?t you wish that wouldn?t remind you, Into remembering what you had to lose, To get to where you are, And it?s not that far, I don?t know why it has to be this hard, If you?re sitting at the bar, Order another drink. Don?t you think that could hit the spot?
Track Name: Evenday
Even day, sky looks cloudy, even rain drops may fall. Gone to a place of commanding my operation. Even rain drops may fall, if there?s no compromise at all, And it?s all I know to take it slow even though life is demanding, And if you?re willing to know there?s no impending doom, So go ahead and use your megaton explosive. I don?t care if I die which is why I see right through, Your disguise, it?s a little underhanded. Your desire, well it?s all that I can handle. Take some time when you open up the doorway. See your smile, drops may fall, when there?s no compromise at all. It?s a shame that you won?t reconcile always going for the extra mile It?s a shared weakness, we?re all in denial. And some friends you thought you had call you bitch behind your back, And some ones you though you loved moved to California, I?m gonna find your number and give you a call, Because I never see you at all, I?ve been a wonder?n where have you been, Wonder?n if I?ll ever see you again.
Track Name: 83514
Change your look and you would see, What falls on you falls on me, In all the places that we know, For the reasons that we grow, And all the gas tanks that we fill, While we try to pay the bills. They?re raging tornadoes in the still frame of my mind, In the still frame of my dreams. Well, you can say it?s all a game, The way your eyes and nuances, Lead to lies but you can really only tell the truth to me, ?Cause I can see the other side, Of every argumentative, Fucked up thing you say, and the fucked up game you play. Bring your eyes belong to me, But bring your mind so you can see, And cut through all this bullshit right now. Your tank?s on empty when you?re full of yourself Your hands are clean while someone?s bleeding, Someone?s needing your affection, But you?re always looking in the wrong direction.
Track Name: Sunmoon
You were always by my side, I just couldn?t show you, No matter how I tried, To hold you, were always on my mind, I just couldn?t show you, Just how much you mean to me.
Track Name: Invisi-boo
If you were coming to put me out of my misery, It was a long time ago, There aren?t any people here, anymore, Who even know, About the love that we once shared, But aren?t you glad I live alone? I like waiting for you here, oh no? What did I do, I?m invisible to you? What did I say the other day to make you gaze, Right over me. I?m still strumming, and I?m still fighting, ?Casue serious love never dies, All through the hurt and the lies, No matter how long you been crying, Look into my eyes and you can find it, Serious love is never dying, But serious evil is waiting close at hand, oh no! What did I do to fall in love with you? What can I say to make you feel the other way?